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Night – Most Moving Scene

The scene that moved me the most was when the boy was being hung but he was just a child so he was too light to die quickly, so he was just hanging for a while before he finally died. This scene moved me more than any other scene in the book because it showed the true horror and disregard for human life that was evident throughout the Holocaust.

I chose this picture because Disney was my childhood, and to me it shows how my childhood is being killed and corrupted.

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You won’t come back the same.

In my English class we read Night by Eli Wiesel, which is a book that follows one man’s experience of being moved from concentration camp to camp during the Holocaust. Eliezer, the main character, goes into the Holocaust experience scared but not alone, because he was with his father, Shlomo. However, by the end of the book, Eliezer is a broken and completely different man, not even crying to his father’s death. This particular scene made me think of a scene from The Hobbit, where Gandalf tells Bilbo Baggins that he can’t promise that Bilbo will come back, and if he does he won’t be the same.

If you haven’t seen The Hobbit yet and are planning to see it, I suggest you don’t read this part due to spoilers. Well, Bilbo

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Persevering through Day and Night

In the story Night, the Jews are being punished and sent to concentration camps and are worked brutally. It is an extremely emotional book but there was one scene especially, that I felt held a lot of meaning personally. On page 105, this was spoken between the boy and his father. “Leave me, I can’t go on anymore…“I could have screamed in anger. To have lived and endured so much; was I going to let my father die now?”

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Cheat like a ninja

Let’s face it. Tests are hard. Very hard, and extremely frustrating. If you’re like me, you’ve thought about that certain word that nobody dares doing knowing the consequences. CHEATING. Some tests are just so difficult that I seriously feel that the only way to pass is cheat, but the stakes are too high if you get caught. I have considered cheating before, but I always wondered, “How do I not get caught?” There are many methods, from extremely simple ones, to very complicated ones that take time to prepare. Sometimes I just think about ways of cheating when I know there is a low chance of me passing, and I stubbornly use this time to think about methods rather than actually studying for the test which screws me over even more…cheating

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Unspoken Communication

Have you ever had someone that you knew extremely well that you can always relate to? Someone that understands you so well that words don’t need to be spoken to communicate? There is a show called Pokemon, that has been going on for a very long time and expresses these ideas. There are pokemon trainers who capture and train pokemon to be the best and defeat all the gym leaders, but have to go on a long journey with their pokemon to do so. In Pokemon, over time the trainers form a bond with their pokemon that is irreplaceable  With their long journeys, they gather more pokemon, train, and create lifelong friendships with them and do everything together. No matter where they go, their pokemon will always be with them because they are companions. However, pokemon can’t speak; the only words that come out of their mouth are their names… So how would the trainers even understand them? Its because they have such a great bond that the pokemon and their trainers can communicate and understand each other while not needing to speak at all. Continue Reading »

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In my English class for our weekly vocabulary, we learned some German words, one of them being “doppelganger” meaning “double”. This word made me think of having a clone that could go to school for you and do your homework for you while you stayed home and slept, I mean how awesome would that be? However, this word means more of having someone in one’s life that is extremely similar to them through either personality, looks, etc. Knowing this, the word doppelganger made me think of one of my favorite childhood T.V. shows, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


This show was about how twin brothers lived in a hotel with their mom and a close-knit web of friends and workers that all knew each other in the hotel. Zack and Cody would cause chaos wherever they went, but always found a way to fix what they broke in the end. Although they fought at times, they would always know how to put aside their differences and look past their arguments or what each of them had done to the other. The ability to do this is what made Zack and Continue Reading »

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The Count of Monte Kuzco

In my English class we started reading the book The Count of Monte Cristo, and reading the book made me realize how similar it is to an old Disney cartoon, The Emperor’s New Groove. In The Emperor’s New Groove, Kuzco is a Mayan prince that gets whatever he wants, and enjoys his wealth and power to the extent of not caring about others. However, Kuzco is betrayed by his advisor, and is turned into a llama. Of course, after being transformed into a llama, no one believed that he was Kuzco, and he ended up realizing how it felt to be alone and not cared for.

This relates to how Edmond, the main character of Count of Monte Cristo, is living the high life with his soon to be wed fiance and his new promotion to captain of his ship, but things turn sour when he is betrayed by those who are jealous of what he has, and he is thrown in jail for fourteen years. In jail, Edmond meets a man who becomes his mentor in many aspects of skills and life, and Edmond slowly plans his revenge on those who betrayed him. After Edmond escapes from the prison, he creates his name through the treasure of Spada, and ultimately avenges himself. Like Edmond, Kuzco also Continue Reading »

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